Overwatch 2

My ScrapMouse hero showcase!
My role:

Hero Design Intern

SPARX (Sophomore) Intern

June 2023 - September 2023 (3 Months)

Who is ScrapMouse?

ScrapMouse is an Overwatch 2 hero that I created during my 2023 internship at Blizzard. She will NOT be released in Overwatch 2 as far as I know. She is a medium-range DPS/damage hero who wields a homemade nail gun with a rebar launcher on top. I wanted players to feel like a nimble, scrappy hero whose power snowballs as she continues to do more damage. She is also a chaos-loving gremlin who named herself after Junkrat (Junk = Scrap, Rat = Mouse ... get it?).

A drawing of ScrapMouse by me!
A drawing of ScrapMouse by me!